Running the Race

Charlie, me, and Dad at the start

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I showed up in Sedona on Friday night and surprised my dad by announcing I was running the half marathon the next day.

I’ll never forget that memory as long as I live. The look of utter surprise was priceless.

Dad, me, and Charlie at mile 1.5

Dad’s been running marathons since the early 80s.  I, as a kid, would color little signs and post them in our car window as we travelled around to his races.

No wonder I have the exercise bug, huh?


Anyway, I heard this might be his last, or one of his last marathons, so I wanted to surprise him by running part of it with him.

Me around mile 8

So, I trained for my second ever half marathon.


Now, after my first, I pretty much swore them off because–well–they hurt!

But, I just had to go do this one. My dad and beautiful Sedona were worth it.

Me and Charlie at the finish

And yeah. This one hurt too. But I’d never be sorry for the fun memory I got to make with my hubby and my dad–two of the most important men in my life.

So, Dad, thank you. You’ve taught me what it means to set a goal and work hard for it. I’ve been able to apply that to all areas of my life, not just exercise.

And Charlie, my sweet hubby who ran most of the race with me on Saturday, thank you for your constant and unconditional support.

Me and Dad at the finish of his race

7 thoughts on “Running the Race

  1. Thanks you guys for stoppin’ by and sharing in the fun.

    Kat–Yeah, it started burning quite early since they had the race course start on a HILL. Yep, UP HILL right away, not so fun. LOL. But overall, mile 10-12 were pretty burn intensive, then with a mile to go, I’m like, “Ok, almost done,” so I focused on that! 🙂

  2. Your dad and husband sound like wonderful people. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    I’m just curious, but how long do you run before you really start to feel the burn?

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