Secret weapon #TheRunningWriter

Secret weapon


It’s starting to cool down enough out here in the desert that I can finally sit outside on my patio.

I’m sitting out here while I write this, watching the sun rise above the mountains and trails I run most days of the week.

Since I post pictures nearly every day of my early morning sunrises, you might be wondering why I’m sitting on my patio.

A girl has to sleep in and take rest once in a while. Rest the secret weapon of an ultra marathoner.

In actuality, it’s everyone’s secret weapon. Whether you’re an athlete or not.

Our days get so filled with running around, working, and family stuff we rarely take time to just rest.

And we need to. It quiets our minds and lets us decompress. Our muscles get some down time to rejuvenate and rebuild. After a good rest we can face anything.

When’s the last time you took a rest?

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