Nightmare on Elm Street

Here we are on day two of the five days of scary movies. Got a good one for you. . . . But first, here’s a glimpse of Number 5 —  Amityville Horror


Today Nightmare on Elm Street slides into the #4 position on the top five scary movies.




Okay, I watched this movie all the way through, many times. Specifically at slumber parties when I was young. Oh my word. This movie is so scary. But then again, it’s WES-FREAKING-CRAVEN, right?

What’d you think???

16 thoughts on “Nightmare on Elm Street

    1. LOL! Just wait as we near #1. . . there are even more scary movies out there. LOL. Halloween (the first one) was on last night. . . even with the TV version cutting out most of the really bad stuff….I still shivered. Course, I was watching it out on the patio, too, which wasn’t too bright. LOL

  1. Doesn’t Johnny Depp look totally cute in it — he’s so young! hehe

    This movie made me laugh, more than it made me scream — but it’s a classic, and I love it! The following movies in the series kinda sucked though.

    One two, Freddy’s coming for you…

      1. Last night I did watch some of the original Halloween until I got too freaked out. I figured out what it is besides the music in that movie. It’s the way they move the camera around. It was creeping me out!

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