The Century

If you have been following my facebook or twitter the past few days, you know I went on a big bike ride this past weekend to celebrate turning 37 years old.

I’ve always heard that people go “through” something each year they creep toward the big one (40 years old).

Well, it seems I’m no exception.

I love to cycle, so I thought what better to challenge myself as I near “old” age (**wink, wink**) than to try something I’ve never done before.

Ride 100 miles–known as a Century in the biking world.

I found a few people brave enough to help me. Bob, Christina, and my sweet hubby, Charlie.

This was at mile 60. We stopped and refueled and rested. Here we are ready to brave the wicked wind that picked up for our last 40 miles

Here's me at the end. My friend, Michele, got me a balloon and hid it in my garage. Man, I was TIRED! Glad it was over.

Charlie took me out for a fun dinner at Red Robin.

I had a monster piece of cake . . . burned a few thousand calories on the bike ride, so I indulged. LOL


On Sunday, we relaxed. I went to see the movie New Moon with some friends why Charlie recovered, cuddled up with our sweet dog, Maddux.

Charlie and Maddux resting

I went to see New Moon for the second time. . . was just as good.

So, I’d mark this down as pretty much the BEST birthday I’ve ever had.

How ’bout you? What’s the best birthday present, activity, or whatever  you’ve had?

8 thoughts on “The Century

  1. Wow… You’re amazing, Lynn. I couldn’t have done 10 miles. lol
    Sounds like a very tiring, but fun, day. 🙂
    My favorite b-day… Hmm. On my fifteenth my parents and brother and I went to this place in the WI Dells called Wizard Quest. It was so corny, but we made it a lot of fun. Running around and hitting mirrors on accident, screaming when gargoyles popped out of nowhere, being chased by a fairy… We had quite a time. lol
    After that we went clothes shopping specifically for me, which is always fun. Got a really cool hoodie thing and a sweet pair of pants. I had a blast… 😀

  2. Ralene–That’s not hokey at all. Garth Freaking Brooks, that’s a GREAT birthday.
    Lori–Oh my. . . Daniel really outdid himself. That’s a great memory! Thanks for sharing.
    Kat–You’re so funny. You’ve done that a few times on this blog–give us a teaser, but no story. Grrrrrr. 🙂
    KM–Oh man. Mustang, air flowing through the hair, beach. . . I think I just swooned.

  3. This is sooooo fun.
    I am so proud of you, proud to call you friend.
    This is ammmmaazzzing! Happy Bday girl!

    I spent one bday in Carlsbad CA, in a great big time share on the ocean. Drove around in a convertible Mustang and walked the beach.

    Oh and I graduated from High School on my 18th birthday 🙂

  4. Did your legs feel like spaghetti when you finished the ride?

    Congrats for completing it. That’s awesome. And happy birthday, too.

    My most memorable birthday involves the police. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it is a very funny story that I’ll opt not to share here.

  5. I have memorable birthdays because I have an attentive and creative husband. When I crossed the 30-yr. mark, which did freak me out a little bit, he gave me 10 gift sets of 3 – 3 candles, 3 books, 3 DVDs, etc… so I got a total of 30 gifts. And the apartment was carpeted with rose petals, some in the shape of a big 3-0 in the middle of the living room. Really, he does that sort of thing. 🙂
    Glad your 37th was memorable and wonderful!

  6. Sounds like you had quite the weekend. Happy Belated Birthday! This may sound hokey, but so far my best birthday was the year that my parents got me tickets to see Garth Brooks in concert. We’d been trying for years, but it never worked out. My junior year in high school, he happened to be in town the night of my birthday. Yay!

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