Death would have been easier to accept had I known I would be going to heaven, but I didnโ€™t.

That’s the first sentence of the novel I just finished writing.

Not sure it’ll stay exactly the same through all the edits to come, but for now, on this rough, first draft, ย I’ve typed THE END on Morgan and Tanner’s story.

83,000 words. That’s the most I’ve ever had on a first draft. Usually I get about 75,000 or so, then when I flesh it out I end up around 82,000 or 83,000 words. So, we’ll see what happens on this one

The story ignited the day after I returned from my trip to England and France. I blame the jet lag that had me up at two in the morning.


Morgan is the heroine and it’s in her POV (Point of View). Like the last story I wrote (finished in May) this one is pretty dark.

I think the darkness of my last two stories spawns from the death of one of my high school classmates (he took his own life back in May). Life events usually impact me when it comes to my writing.

And his death sure did.

My character, Morgan, is lost to drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. But when she’s about to die a violent death, she screams out, demanding God give her a second chance.

She gets just that, but with conditions. . . .

Morgan was a fun, but challenging, character to write. She’s so close to the darkness of despair that she can’t see how precious she is. That her life is worth so much more than she could ever imagine.

My friend Brian never saw past the darkness of despair to see his worth, but at least I can write characters who do.


What inspires your writing?

If you’re not a writer, what’s one thing that has inspired you lately? Someone reading this blog might want to hear a word of encouragement.



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