The unknowns #TheRunningWriter

I remember the first time I drove a stick shift into a town. If I remember correctly, I pulled over and looked at my dad and said I couldn’t do it. Was too scared.

The thought of driving that car near people and other automobiles freaked me out. What if I stall the car at the light? What if I forget which gear to go into? What if people see me screw up?

My first book release…What if everyone hates my story? What if people find out I can’t write worth a crap? What if everyone hates me? What if I do it all wrong?

So many what ifs and unknowns can really get me freaked out.

Our worries and fears—they can knock us right down if we let them. Paralyze us into never trying anything. Keep us in a tiny bubble of fear.

Don’t give them that power. Blast through them with positive thinking. You are strong. You are capable. Yeah. You might stall out in an intersection. But you can just start up your car again and pull away. Yeah. You might get a bad review—or twenty. But you will get a few good ones, too. No matter what happens, you will learn and grow from it.

Don’t let the unknowns hold you back. Let them open up your world to new adventures. You might really love where they lead you.

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