#TheRunningWriter QOTD

When does it get easy?


Everything is difficult before it’s easy.

When I first started running it wasn’t easy. I could barely run five minutes without wanting to collapse.

It was difficult getting up early to run.

It was difficult running.

It was difficult recovering.

It was difficult eating right.

See the pattern? As I kept at it, getting stronger, learning more about the sport, and plugging through the obstacles, a few things got easier.

I eagerly jumped out of bed at that 4am alarm. I happily worked through the aches and pains. I looked forward to increasing my time and distances.

Those parts got easier. The actual running, not exactly easy, but the rest of it….for sure!! That enabled me to face longer and harder challenges when it came to running.

So hang in there if you’re in the difficult stage of what you’re doing. It—or aspects about it—will get easier.

And trust me, it’ll make you appreciate your adventure that much more.

So hang in here, my friends!!

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