Time to think…

Being on my bike for so many hours each day gave me a lot of time to think.  My mind wandered to new stories waiting to be written. To stories already published and those coming out in the next twelve months….Ultimately, all my thoughts landed on two words: THANK YOU!  To be published is a gift. An exciting, scary, and rewarding adventure–one I’m grateful to be on!

Day two of biking took us from Cherokee to Lake View. It was a 62-mile day with 2,173 feet of climb.

Most people view Iowa as flat…it sooo isn’t.

You’d be surprised to see all the rolling hills. It makes for beautiful sights, but sure takes it out on the legs pumping up those hills.

I sure was hoping there was a lake to jump in at the end of the ride. The hot, humid air was relentless.

Much to my relief, there was a lake! And….we pretty much jumped right in! It was great.

We had a blast in Lake View…but what had me worried was the 104-mile ride for the next day! **YIKES**

4 thoughts on “Time to think…

  1. It is always funny to hear people think that Iowa is flat. It’s far from it! I’ve lived here all my life, was born in Iowa. It’s full of hills – even some incredibly scary ones. Congrats on riding Ragbrai in the heat! It was miserable weather for biking.

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