Top Five . . .

We’re down to the second most memorable thing . . . This one stings a little, but remember when I mentioned how I believe we grow from any experience life throws at us–good or bad?

Yeah, well, I’m going to sum up a couple not-so-great-ones into a general category. . .

Number TWO:

Facing the Giants

Yeah, I know, that’s a name of a movie, but I had to steal it for this one.

Two giants I faced in 2010 were: Learning my mother in law has liver cancer and my publishing deal falling through. I’ve written enough on the publishing deal falling through, so I wanted to mention the newest thing….Lynn’s cancer.

You might notice her name is the same as mine. I did that on purpose. Lynn Rush is my pen name, and I chose Lynn mostly in part because of Lynn Boeyink (my mother in law.)

Sure, it happens to be my middle name, so that works, too, but my mother in law was the first person to ever to read my writing.

Yep. Even before my hubby. He started to read a little then set it down…romance so isn’t his thing.

Anyway. Lynn read the very first and very ugly draft of Light of Truth. The first book I ever wrote. Even in its raw, POV-shifting, all kids of telling form, she still found positives to look at and build on.

And besides that, she’s a great writer. I’m proud to have her name. At my wedding, she wrote the most beautiful thing ever called, When Was It Love. You can see that post if you CLICK HERE.

So, while I survived my first publishing deal fall apart–with her support of course–I will strengthen my resolve and be a strong support for her as she faces a tough road ahead of her while battling liver cancer.


Any big OUCHES you’ve survived only to come out stronger?


14 thoughts on “Top Five . . .

  1. Aww . . . what a nice article! As the other DIL, I can second it that we’re a couple of lucky gals to have such a great mother-in-law.

  2. Will be praying for your mother in law. She sounds like an awesome lady.

    My big ouch of the year was the death of my brother in law. He was a good, kind man and it was a sad loss for us all. Jillian

  3. So many ouches. I could write a book – haha. Seriously, though, God is good all the time. Depending on Him through the trials guarantees I come out stronger. And in the end, it’s all for His glory. Praying for your MIL. Miss you!

  4. We’ve had a couple.

    My mother in law found out she had cancer, for the second time. Lung cancer this time. She lives a state away and it was hard to know she was struggling and we weren’t by her side to help. I’m happy to say she completed her last chemo treatment and we are optimistically waiting for her next scan. She beat the other cancer, so we believe she did this one too.

    My other set back was that I herniated my disc again. I’ve been down for over 9 months and facing another surgery. I try to stay positive and keep working hard to over come it. I’m thankful that this time I’ve been able to deal a little better. The injections helped the leg pain so I’m still able to complete mom duties. 🙂

    Oh, and Danica I’m in the process of something similar. We’ll have to chat off blog one day. Keep your chin up. *hugs*

    In the next year I am looking forward to a lot of great news!

  5. I’ll be adding your MIL to my prayers, Lynn. It’s wonderful to read about someone who loves and admires their inlaws. I don’t see that very often.

    Well, let’s see…the biggest disappointment, which would also happen to be my #2 of the year, would be my agent deal falling through. I was at the top of the trees for a month, then crashed down to Earth almost exactly 30 days later when she left the agency. Since then I’ve had to struggle with my insecurities and the sense of hopelessness, but I’m pulling through!

  6. I hope your MIL is well–sending prayers!!!

    You’ve got a lot of books written & a lot of talent. I’m sure you’ll get another book deal!

    My challenge of 2010 was getting through oral boards. I did it & am now board certified, yay!!

    • MIL is hanging in there. Surgery is January 18th. She’s a trooper. Strong in her faith and not scared to share it. LOVE her tons. Thanks for your kind words. AND I REMEMBER you going through your boards. What an accomplishment. I’m so happy for ya!

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