Top Five. . .

Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with me this past week as we looked back at 2010. To narrow 365 days of living into the top five memorable things is difficult. I’m looking over this past year with a smile and looking forward with hope. Here’s to a great 2011, everyone.

But there’s one more day of this year left, and I’m dedicating it to the NUMBER one thing about 2010. . . . .

Charlie Boeyink


I know. You’re probably thinking I dipped into the New Year’s Eve punch bowl a bit early. . . but really, I didn’t. Most of you know Charlie & I have been married for fourteen years now, so you might be wondering how can I say he’s been the most memorable thing that happened to me this year since he’s with me every year. . .


Well, there are a few reasons:

1.  It’s my blog, I can say whatever I want. *wink*

2.  We got to travel to England and France together this past year. *Totally awesome experience!*

3.  He’s been rock-solid through my stints of unemployment, encouraging me to “find a job that made me happy.” *Thanks honey!*

4.  No one supports me more when it comes to my writing. *Tolerating all the late nights writing.*

5.  He’s found a passion of his own that rivals my passion for writing:  Triathlons.  *His dedication is inspiring.*

So there, I can say my hubby has been the best thing about 2010, because it’s true!


What’s the best thing about your year?


14 thoughts on “Top Five. . .

  1. This is the nicest blog entry I’ve read this year. Sometimes we forget those closest to us, and how much they enrich our lives every day. Thanks for sharing this, Lynn. 

  2. Isn’t it good to count blessings and share “bests” with others? I’m so encouraged reading these. Thanks! Best for me… well, God sustained and guided and brought peace through a whirlwind year – we moved twice, lived in three states, endured two different bosses that had to be the devil’s henchmen, lived times of plenty and of want, got to spend 3/4 of the year concentrating on writing and then put it all on the back burner as the need to return to work came up. Lots of experiences and adventures, all with my husband of nearly 16 years who is also my very best friend. This last day of 2010, I feel blessed and content. Really. I’m not just saying that. That in itself is my #1 best of the year. Happy New Year!!!

  3. WONDERFUL! Glad he’s so awesome. I have to echo Danica. I sold three novels in 2010 and a plethora of short stories- I got the validation I had been seeking as a writer- someone besides me and my friends likes my work! I feel quite chuffed about that. Jillian

  4. So many great things for everyone! I find your comment inspiring, Lynn. There is nothing more beautiful than a wife or husband showing their love. I’m blessed every day. Not just this past year, but every year. When I think back to 2006 tears still come to my eyes. Pregnant, two herniated discs, doctors telling us we had to abort my youngest because he would have Down Syndrome, oh, and being told our middle was Autistic and would never talk. Well, I’m here to tell you God is good. My baby was born healthy, well, except for the demon that rears its ugly head once in awhile. 🙂 My middle not only talks, but is READING!! 🙂 And a husband who never turned his back when things became so difficult. He’s so supportive and loving, I’m so blessed to have him in my life. The biggest moment of this year was watching my hubby be baptized at the lake. It was an amazing moment.

    Okay, enough with the sap…Laura. I WANT to see pictures. Oh, so jealous. I LOVE old houses!!!

  5. That’s so sweet, Lynn! I wish you and Charlie many happy years together!

    My #1 good thing for 2010 would have to be selling 3 of my books to Siren BookStrand. Just when I thought I’d never get one of these books published, I ended up with 3 of them being accepted! I’m still freaked out about it, but oh, what a wonderful feeling it is!

  6. It’s great to gave such a wonderful support!

    My #1 for 2010: finding a 230 year old fixer upper mansion. Hopefully, I will close on it & move into it in a couple of months.

    Happy New Year!!

  7. I think my #1 great thing about 10 would have to be my family. Yeap, my super patient hubby and my wonderfully accepting children have been through complet and utter h_ll with me and this writing gig, but they don’t complain. Even when I know they want too. I love them for picking me up when I’m down, and pointing a finger when I’m resisting my repsonsibilities to writing, but mostly because they still love me when I kiss them goodnight at 2am. Hubby doesn’t turn away when I slide between the sheets. His warm hands pat my tummy, tugging me close and he’ll ask, “Did you get alot done?”

    Yeap, they’re great. It takes these kind of people to help you make it in this world, and I’ve been blessed.

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