Top Five Funnies. . .

I couldn’t resist another top five list. . . We were up in Sedona over New Year’s weekend and saw some old SNL episodes. Man a lot of sweet comedians came out of that show, didn’t they?

So….we thought it’d be fun count down the top five this week. Our top five, anyway.

Our  number five.

Adam Sandler.

He did pretty well on Saturday Night Live, didn’t he? He’s got Cajan Man, Opera Man. . . but here’s a little funny clip from SNL (they wouldn’t let me post it…you can click the view on you tube if you want to see it):


He went on to do some really funny movies. One that often makes me laugh is Billy Madison. .  .have you seen it? I usually don’t like this kind of humor, but Adam…there’s just something funny about him. . .



Who was one of your  favorites on SNL?


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