Vamp Myth #3


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Vamp Myth #3

Vamps can be good if they really, really try


Yeah…not so much. Their souls are gone. No remorse. They need humans to feed on, plain and simple. If someone–or something–doesn’t stop them, they will drain you dry. Now, I’ve heard whisperings of older Vamps having some ability to control their actions, but it’s only as a part of a bigger–more morbid–objective.

The only chance of reprieve you might have if you come upon a Vamp is that they’ve just eaten and are full. But if their eyes are flaring red…be afraid. That means they are HUNGRY.


Hey, it’s Halloween today. Anyone dressing up as a Vamp? Don’t worry, you’re safe from my dagger as long as you don’t trigger my wrist Vamp detector!


See you tomorrow for Myth #4

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