Walk with me #TheRunningWriter

I enjoy trail running alone sometimes. It can be my quiet time. I usually hash out struggles I’m facing, work through some of those nasty plot problems in a story I’m writing, or I’ll just be silent, let my mind wander as it may.

But I also really enjoy running with my trail sisters. It’s a time of bonding, celebrating life, and exploring new trails.

Something else I’m so very thankful for, my trail sisters to help me through tough times.

Out there in the desert with them, getting advice, processing feelings, laughing, crying–it’s invaluable to me.

I remember after my father-in-law died and I got back from the funeral, that first trail run…tears were aplenty.

But it was good. The hugs and support I received were a big part of how I got through that dark time.

I believe we’re meant to live life together, my friends. When we’re strong, we’ll help others who are struggling. When we’re weak, we need to let others help us.

Who walks with you through the tough times?

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