I is for INCUBUS…

My dear friend, Kendall Grey, introduced me to this song. Wish You Were Here, by Incubus. 

It quickly became a favorite of mine. Love the voice and the hardness of the music. I was never one to like hard rock, but as my writing evolved (along with my characters/writing style) I started looking for more edgy, harsh music. 

It just fit. 

So, here’s Incubus. 


This song REALLY plays a part in Tainted (Wasteland, #3)—but that novel doesn’t release until early 2013….so we’ll see what my music tastes are then… 

4 thoughts on “I is for INCUBUS…

  1. It’s a really good song. Came out twelve, thirteen years ago?
    Lynn, quick question – everyone else has turned off their word verification during the Challenge to get more comments and yet you turned yours on. Were you getting a lot of spam?

    1. I think I fixed the verification thing. I sure hope so, because I do NOT enjoy them when visiting other sites. Not sure how it got turned on … Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I can’t get this link, but I’ve heard the song (probably on Kendall’s site). Missed you yesterday so, I wanted to say I love Heart. I love ‘Magic Man’ and I absolutely adore ‘Fast times’ best thing Sean ever did. Well,maybe that’s a stretch but ‘Jeff’ is iconic.

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