It’s still more….

Yesterday I wrote about how it’s about more than just the books…Today–part 2 if you will–I wanted to share a couple more things.

On that front cover, just above my title, can you see that? It’s a quote by Cynthia Eden. Her full quote is in the inside of the book, but this one here, is just a snippet that reads:

“Rush hooked me from page one!” ~Cynthia Eden, National Bestselling Author

And then on the back, there’s another quote from another amazing author, Lynda Hilburn:

“Lynn Rush does it again!” ~Lynda Hilburn, author of Kismet Knight, Vampires Psychologist series.

I can’t thank these two enough to take time out of their busy schedule to read Violet Midnight and send over their thoughts.

They are such amazing people.

But when you open the book, there are a couple more people I wanted to mention:

Kendall Grey and the Paranormal Book Club.

Thank you for your kind words to me and my novel. The support you guys give…it’s immeasurable.

So, last, but not least, here’s me with a book, shortly after they arrived. I just couldn’t stop smiling!

Thanks so much for celebrating this with me. And remember, if you send over your purchase confirmation to Publicist (at) lynnrush (dot) com, we’ll send you an autographed post card.

Thanks for all your support. Have a super day!


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