Rock Of Ages….

Okay, who went to see it?

I saw the adverts for it…

Saw it had a few famous people in it…

But…I just couldn’t do it. Just doesn’t look appealing, but then again, maybe that’s because there’s no angels, demons, or vampires in it, right?


Did you go see this? What’d you think? Is it on your “to-see” list?


I did get to a movie! I’ve been wanting to see Snow White and the Huntsman for a while. My sweet hubby caved to taking me to that movie instead of Prometheus. He’s such a sweet man!

But oh…..what a disappointment.  Charlize carried that movie, big time.  She was amazing, but the rest….not so much.  It dragged on and dragged on. I found myself leaning over and asking my hubby, “Is it close to being over yet?”

Oh well. Can’t hit them all out of the park, right?

What’d you guys do this weekend? See any movies? Read any good books?


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