A Dream…

Two boxes of books

I’ve been waiting for the day my author copies of Wasteland to arrive for a couple reasons.

One of them, you can probably guess–>The dream of publishing a book and holding it in your hands coming to fruition.

Nice job, Charlie, laying them out

Now that reason is a given. I’ve worked super hard, walked a path not free from bumps and bruises, but I’ve made it. With the love and support of many, many people carrying me through.

But, a reason you might not be aware of is my mother-in-law.  I shared a bit of the story back in March (CLICK HERE).

Nice display by my sweet hubby

Lynn Boeyink, my mother in law, is one of the main reasons I wanted to hold a book in my hand. Her namesake is on the front cover. Sure, Lynn Rush is me, but the Lynn part, that’s her.

When she was diagnosed with cancer back in November 2010, I wanted so much to be able to hand her a book before she passed on.

Can't forget the front and back shot....

I really enjoyed getting to call her and tell her I signed a book deal and would be published, but trust me, handing her the actual book…MUCH BETTER!

I was in Iowa when the books arrived, so my sweet hubby opened up the boxes for me and documented the occasion. Thanks for these pictures, hon….He quick sent me a few copies via overnight UPS, too, so I could give one to Lynn.

That’s a memory I will forever treasure.

We went out and celebrated with a nice Italian dinner, too:

Lynn and Lynn!


RG even had to show the chef!


Thanks for sharing this special occasion with me. To celebrate, I just might have to give one of these nice books away…what do you think??

Okay, you convinced me.

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Yep, that simple.


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26 thoughts on “A Dream…

  1. Congrads on getting your first book published. Personally I hope to achieve that someday so its always nice to hear about someone getting theirs out there and published. I cant wait to read your book it sounds awesome!

  2. Congrats Lynn, when I held the first copy of my book in my hands, I wept with joy and lifted it up to God in worship! Alas!, I also wept because my parents have both gone and they would have been so proud of me as a published writer. Glad you could share this with your precious Mum-in-Law! I pray she stays around for the next one too¬

  3. Congratulations on your book deal. Those books look great!! I’ve seen you around Savvy Authors. It’s great to see a fellow author realize a dream! BTW, my NIC on savvy authors is HEATHER so you’ll know whose commenting here 🙂

    • Yeah, it was exciting. Oh, yay. Be sure to send me a pic with you and Wasteland!! ((hint hint…I’m having a BIG contest that includes pictures such as that…stay tuned))

      Thanks, Kendall.

  4. Great pix! So glad you got to give her that book personally – great memories! I know, I know, I already ordered a book, but winning one that might get signed by you is even better – and winning on my 18th anniversary – priceless! LOL

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Lynn, I’m sure you’ll never forget that moment of holding your book for the first time. The pictures of your family are lovely.I know that they are very proud.

  6. What a beautiful picture of you and your mother in law. Congratulations, Lynn. You have worked so hard and now you can enjoy the reward. Way to go! 🙂

  7. Some things are expensive and can be bought. Others are priceless and can’t be bought. What you, with your husband’s help, did for your Lynn counts as tops in the priceless category.

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