Musical Monday

Here’s a fun one. . .


Lovergirl, by Teena Marie



Okay, that girl has a set of pipes, doesn’t she? I love this song. Classic 80’s video, huh?  Love that 80’s hair, too. How ’bout the hat the guy introducing the video wore . . .

So, what songs are rockin’ your world lately?


My character, Emma Martin, is making an appearance on the blog tomorrow to talk about the title for her third book you all helped me with a while back . So be sure to tune in, she’ll be responding to your comments personally!

8 thoughts on “Musical Monday

    1. It’s a crazy fun song, isn’t it? Video quality isn’t all that great, but at least we still get the drift. Emma’s excited to come on the blog. She’s always bugging me to let her on. . . .

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