You Never Know….

One day last week, I got an email that pretty much rocked my world.

In a good way.

Here it is (minus any names or things like that):

Hi! I finally read Wasteland, and you know what? I fell in love with it. Beautiful story, beautiful written. I can’t wait for ‘awaited’ to be released. Thank you for writing this amazing book

I read it once, twice, even a third time, and then the tears welled. Yep, even trickled down my cheek. For someone to take the time out to send an email…they just don’t even know how much that impacts the person receiving that note.  

This email got me thinking, though. How often do I stop and send an encouraging note to someone? Whether it’s about some good service I received at a restaurant, or a helpful customer service person on the phone…Maybe it would be exactly what they needed to hear at that very moment.

Like this email was for me.

In the hustle and bustle of the day in and day out, we can never forget how much our words influence people. They can lift someone up or knock them down.

I’d rather lift up. Encourage. 

So thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to send me a note. I value each one I get and am so thankful for them!

10 thoughts on “You Never Know….

  1. Congrats! A lovely email! I actually sent one to Tessa Gratton recently as I really enjoyed Blood Magic and was excited when she responded. I think a pat on the back sends out a great positve vibe.

  2. That is a great email. Several times I’ve sent authors emails about how much I’ve loved their book and have gotten thank you emails in return.

  3. It’s funny you say that. our local newspaper was just saying that people don’t tell you how they feel. If someone does something nice you should let them know. It does’nt matter if it is your banker, child, husband or a complete stranger. I have a motto. I complain, but I compliment. If I can take the time to complain, I can also let a manager know someone did a good job. Enjoy the rest of your day. —Rachel

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